Where is B'n'G now?

Traveling During the Off Season

>    We have found that traveling around the north east coast of Canada and the USA during the months of May-June and September-October has some definite advantages.  You can typically get better rates for dockage and the anchorages are not always full, but the weather is still pretty warm during the day.  The nights can get a little cool, but that is always nice for sleeping!

>     We came to the Mediterranean during the winter months (Nov-Mar) also.  Since we purchased our HR53 while it was moored in Preveza, Greece, that’s where we started the next leg of our around the world adventure.  There are no crowds of people when you walk in town, and there are very few cruisers taking up marinas and anchorages.  Sure it can be quite cool at nights, so you definitely need to have some sort of heater on your boat for sleeping, but the days are generally warm with temperatures ranging from 12 to 17C.  It can be very rainy during the months of November and February, but for the most part there are a lot of warm sunny days to enjoy sailing.